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elena carvajal

Elena Carvajal (Mérida. Spain) is a dancer and choreographer based in between Brussels and Spain. She holds a degree in Special Education, University of Salamanca, Spain (2009) and a Postgraduate study in Educational Psychopedagogy, National Distance Education University (UNED) (2011). In 2014 she graduated from Centro Andaluz de Danza and Conservatory Antonio Ruiz Soler (contemporary dance programme) in Seville, Spain. After, in 2019 she graduated in MA Choreography and Performance Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, ARBA-ESA Brussels, ISAC (Institute Supérieur des Arts et des chorégraphies).

The conceptual base of Carvajal’s practice examines the phenomenon of the incident. Her scenographies play the role of the guide that unfolds the story its poetic intentions meanwhile the bodies, materials and space act with delude. Together, these elements shift between hiding and obviously showing illusory tricks in order to trigger the spectator to unravel the piece’s aggregation.
As a performer she has worked for Lola Bogaert (Plethora), Dora García (Somewhere, Two Planets Have Been Colliding for Thousands of Years) at LaVerrière, Fondation Hèrmes, Brussels. For Fabián Barba-Esteban Donoso in Slugs' garden/cultivo de babosas Festival Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels, among others.
She is part of the Sloapchsloapch collective and collaborates regularly with Maite Álvarez, Gitte Hendrikx, Laura Tinard and Fran M buceta. Developing collective practices that slide between dance, visual arts and writing.

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