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After spending day and night at the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid we got hungry and  we organised a merienda.

A work by Fran Martinez and Elena Carvajal

Ligth desing Laura Iturralde 

Soundscape Laura Llaneli

External eye Natalia Ferlandes and Ángela Millano

With the support of Teatro Pradillo, Madrid. NONONON Lab, Vigo. L'Estruch, Sabadell. La Poderosa Barcelona


Lecturing; As Body in time of logic


Lecturing; As Body in time of logic is a performative lecture that presents a mix of physical and vocal proposals as solution for the 'blank-out' experience. Their goal is to transform this seemingly tragic experience into a gift and skill that holds various other hidden suggestions.

Project in collaboration with Gitte Hendrikx

Performing at: Encuentros Concentrados festival, Sevilla (ES) 17-19.01.2020


BUDA, Kortrijk. 21.02.2020 - 23.02.2020

ELENA4_670 NUEVO.png

Highlander I : « Salut c’est moi » mais en fait c’était pas lui


Project in collaboration with Antoine Carbone and LOTO


Ils ont trouvé un tas de gravats. Les restes d’une société légère. Depuis et pour l’instant, ils absorbent exclusivement du vin et des cacahuètes

LOTO- Bruxelles 07.12.2019

Être Ciel


Être Ciel is an installation-performance where spectators and dancers evolvesimultaneously in space to compose a landscape common choreographic. Everyspectator is invited to activate a song of bird from his smartphone by connectingon an internet platform. Every phone becomes an autonomous sound source thatthe viewer spatializes where he chooses to take square. The songs interact witheach other in space, overlap, intersect where stop as they could do it in the naturalstate. Each bird corresponds to a dancer and at each song, a choreographicsequence, developed upstream by the dancers themselves. At dusk, the awakeningof the songs allows the dance to exist and movements, to dialogue and tomigrate on the bodies to become at times, a common body. By putting resourcesinto play we have momentarily, we are looking for the conditions of an ecosystemand an ecology specific to the fields of choreography. The presence of everyonebecomes necessary in the construction and maintenance of the room, thanks towhich language can travel on the bodies he passes through.

Created By Maite Alvarez and Marion Gassion. Co-creation and performance: Eliane Berstchi, Camille Meyer, Leen Van Dommelen Estelle Czernichowski, Camille Dejean, Sophie Farza, Juliette Otter, Elena Carvajal.

Performed at:

Centrale for contemporary Arts, Bruxelles  27.06.2018 

Festival couraunts d´airs, Bruxelles   24-28.04.2019


Tour à Plomb, Bruxelles  08-09-10.04.2019

La Raffinerie-Charleroi Danse, Bruxelles  17--28.02.2020

Is the cat in the radiator


Is the cat in the radiator ? invites the spectator to be part of the famous novel Nice Prime written by Cara de Saint Far and the ghost of Jonathan César d'Arial.

Performance written and directed by Laura Tinard

Performers : Elena Carvajal, Rafael Elders, Laura Elias, Corentin Llanto, Laura Tinard.

Fesival Isac, Tour a Plomb, 2019

I’l jst dn’ot’ knoaw whi’r thaye r


“ I’l jst dn’ot’ knoaw whi’r thaye r ” is a performative lecture that explores a part of her book ‘Yung Hyaline’. Together with dancer Elena Carvajal she examines how the unidentifiable plays with two bodies and one mind.

Gitte Hendrikx in collaboration with ElenaCarvajal
30 minutes

Performed at: Vooruit, Gent (BE) June 2019


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