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Realmente ahora no ya no

© Laura Iturralde

Realmente ahora no ya no explores notions of narrative, invisibility, expectation and how we question the authorship of our own work. 
It is a renegotiation of the desire to narrate and to do so through other voices. The story is constructed from the rewriting of a dialogue about the experience lived after an almost theatrical event/performance of a work that ephemerally exists. 

With the aim of investigating what remains after having attended the first part of Realmente ahora no ya no , which occurs at another time, in another place, and how we narrate the lived experience. Being this past event what marks the construction of the present. 

Far from a stage performance, we witness something that invites us to listen, a sound sequence, a campfire, fragments of a conversation between M, L, N, F, A, L and O.

Written by Elena Carvajal and Fran Martínez

Set Desing Laura Iturralde, Fran Martínez and Elena Carvajal

Ligth desing Laura Iturralde 

Soundscape Laura Llaneli

External eye Maïte Álvarez

With the support of Spanish Embassy in Belgium, Bâtard Festival, Wpzimmer, Le Delta, province de Namur, Kunstencentrum BUDA, Centre Culturel Tour à Plomb, NauEstruch, Sabadell, La Poderosa, Barcelona


Procrastinación house

Born as work methodology and practice 

Times New Roman 

elena carvajal times new roman
elena carvajal times new roman
elena carvajal, Times new roman
elena carvajal times new roman

Times new Roman explores the surfacing of the area as a measured momentum, a temporal appearance, stating the conditions of unannounced plays. This could be a ship that one day drifts ashore from the extensive sea, or a hickey that left a symbolic mark on the lover’s skin. What does such ‘temporal’ emergence of an area signify and how do we interact with such a behaviour that acts like a phantom in space?

Written and directed by Elena Carvajal.
In collaboration with Sara Sánchez,
Christina Nickel, Sophie Farza, Gitte
Hendrikx and Filip Jakab

Performed by Sara Sánchez,
Christina Nickel, Sophie Farza, Laurie
Borde and Elena Carvajal.

Set desing by Gitte Hendrikx, Elena Carvajal.
Duration 25’
June 2019 Les Brigittines , Brussels


waltdisneypain elena carvajal

“The scars usually disappear with time. While they heal, you can use make-up to cover them. There are certain dermatological techniques that help make scars less visible. However, the treatment only improves the appearance of the scar, but does not erase it completely”

waltdisneypain elena carvajal

Written and directed by Elena Carvajal in collaboration with Paula Almirón.
Duration 30’
June 2018, Centrale For
Contemporary Art, Festival,Brussels

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